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First Facts series is ideal for children who are ready to read and enjoy information books because good, clear, short text and a lot of full color high quality photographs and ilustrations are put in each book. “Insects” is the title of the present one and tells you lot...

In the Shadow of Man

You can tell where Jane Goodall's heart lies with this simplistic book that dives into the brief family events of her beloved chimpanzees. Picking one mother chimp from her many chimpanzees she weaves together a book that shares their ties with others of their family and of their group...


Crocodiles must kill for food, but Old Big kills cows for a game. So Mr Kay, an Australian farmer, must kill him and so, preserve his farm. But Old Big does not want to die. K. R. Cripwell relates us the fight between the man and the "Crocodrile!".

Tigre, tigre

Dos cachorros de tigre hermanos son arrancados de la jungla y llevados a Roma. Al más fuerte, Brutus, lo entrenan para matar en el Coliseo. El pequeño, Botas, se convierte en la mascota de Aurelia, la hija del César. Ella lo ama con locura; y Julius, su cuidador, le...