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The Pathfinders

Jane Homeshaw explain us how do animals and birds find their way round the world. In this book titled "The Pathfinders" we can find some of the answers.
Alan's face was very white. The end of the building was behind him. Silva was in front of him. There was no help for him! A young man on holiday in Rome finds himself caught up in an international spy plot. Who is "The Man with Three Fingers"?

The Magic Garden

Kumalo wants to get money. He finds it at the church. Mrs Olusanya needs money too. So do Jenny and James. They all find money - in their gardens! Are their gardens really magic?

The Grey Rider

'He's dead! 'He's dead!' said the girl. Julia Forbes put one hand on the front of the Grey Rider's coat. Then she looked at her hand. It was wet and red. Who killed "The Grey Rider"? A murder mystery with a difference: several possible killers, a dividided family and...

The Glory Boys

'There's not much time, gentlemen... "The Glory Boys", the killer team was complete: half-Arab and half-Irish. I wonder what brings these two together?' Two men of different nationalities join forces to give glory to their own particular cause. Each holds different beliefs and motives, but both have the same...

The Dark Frontier

Eric Ambler (Londres, 1909 - 1998) fue uno de los más prolíficos autores de novela de espionaje y de guiones cinematográficos de su tiempo. Siendo ingeniero de formación, pronto se decanta por el mundo de la publicidad y por su afición a la literatura, que practica con éxito hasta...

The Charlie Chaplin Story

This little biography is "The Charlie Chaplin Story" narrated by Jane Homeshaw. Is Charlie Chaplin a filmstar, is he a scientist or a millionarire or a leader of men? He is always looking for love and adventure, but he runs away from any danger. Read the complete story.

The Bridge

Days passed and Hassan did not come back. The police could not find him and there was no word from the kidnappers. 'I don't understand it', said Holt. They don't ask his father for money! John Tully presents us "The Bridge", another adventure starring Inspector Holt.


Three stories from a weekend in the life of Will, a London taxi-driver. We go with Will to his work and read about the many people he sees, and the places he takes them. They're stories that begin "Taxi".


“Puzzles” is a series of 48 page selfchecking puzzlebooks, with answers. Including crossworld, wordgames, vocabulary and exercises.