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The Time Twins

Grandpa’s new invention is a watch –and a time machine! The twins, Tom and Sophie, see it, and they want to find out more. Where will it take them? Exciting story related by Stephen Rabley titled “The Time Twins”, with an audio CD. Adventures in English. Level 3, CEF A2.

Tinkers Farm

It is 1800. Jenny Tinker arrives in New York with her father, Sam. The Tinkers are English. They’re starting a new life in America. They want a farm, but they haven’t got any money. What can they do? Stephen Rabley tells us how They became to get their “Tinkers...

Tina Turner

“Tina Turner” is the queen of rock and roll (1990). She ‘s also a grandmother, an actress, a Buddhist and –most of all- a survivor. Stephen Rabley tells us about her in this book.