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How does a detective learn his job? How long does a police dog hold a thief? Which was the fingerprint that led to a killer? Lewis Jones tell us the answers in this book titled "The Story of Scotland Yard "
Lewis Jones tells us in "The Story of Madame Tussaud's" how she opens its doors every morning, but for two hours before that, people had been hard at work on some of the models washing or cleaning hairs and clothes and coluring the faces of the models. They must...


“Puzzles” is a series of 48 page selfchecking puzzlebooks, with answers. Including crossworld, wordgames, vocabulary and exercises.

It’s a Trick!

People play lots of tricks on the young man in this story. Some are good tricks. some aren't. The young makes a friend, Lurie. Laurie's shop sell tricks. He teaches to the young how to use the tricks.