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Where Is Bill Ojo?

Bill Ojo is a Young policeman. An old woman telephones him. She wants help. Bill goes to see her, but he does not come back. Inspector Holt must find before anything happens. While… “Where Is Bill Ojo?”
Alan's face was very white. The end of the building was behind him. Silva was in front of him. There was no help for him! A young man on holiday in Rome finds himself caught up in an international spy plot. Who is "The Man with Three Fingers"?

The Bridge

Days passed and Hassan did not come back. The police could not find him and there was no word from the kidnappers. 'I don't understand it', said Holt. They don't ask his father for money! John Tully presents us "The Bridge", another adventure starring Inspector Holt.
'That's three times in the last three months', said Inspector Holt. Who is taking the fur coats? And where are they going? Can "Inspector Holt" find the answers to these questions?
Is Peter Riley a thief? It looks like he is … but Inspector Holt does not believe it! The builders are unhappy because they have lost a lot of wood and 200 sterling ponds from the office, and that's a lot of money... He'll Get His Man., written by John...