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Tin Lizzie

‘All the world wanted it. Young men in every country looked for it. In 1885, it was the big question of the day. They wanted a car…’ This is the story of Henry Ford, his farm´s engines and the famous Ford T, “Tin Lizzie”, the model of car that...

The Pathfinders

Jane Homeshaw explain us how do animals and birds find their way round the world. In this book titled "The Pathfinders" we can find some of the answers.

The Charlie Chaplin Story

This little biography is "The Charlie Chaplin Story" narrated by Jane Homeshaw. Is Charlie Chaplin a filmstar, is he a scientist or a millionarire or a leader of men? He is always looking for love and adventure, but he runs away from any danger. Read the complete story.


Three stories from a weekend in the life of Will, a London taxi-driver. We go with Will to his work and read about the many people he sees, and the places he takes them. They're stories that begin "Taxi".

Letters from the Dead

'I have a litle blackbird. Please look under the floor. Behind the yellow picture, There is a litle door. Open it. Now you're very near. An old love story you can hear'. Ben Cole sends a letter to his young friend, Harriet. But he dies before she gets it. What...

Fastline UK

Simon Parks sends electronic letters to his friends all over the world using his personal computer. One day he receives a message from someone who is not his friend. He is someone which wants to steal £20 million from Banks all over the world. Suddenly,Simon is in a race...